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Lau Pa Sat

Newton Hawker Centre

Maxwell Road Hawker Centre

Straits Kitchen

Crystal Jade Kitchen


“Very rarely do I ever want to eat in a hotel restaurant – especially when Singapore boasts some of the best restaurants and hawker centres. However, Mezzo 9 is an exception. Although over 15 years old now, it is timeless in attracting tourists and locals alike, thanks in part to it’s edgy design by internationally […]

Soup Restaurant Paragon

Super Loco Robertson Quay

“ If I were to eat Mexican food anywhere in Asia, this is as good as it’s going to get. It’s fun, loud, and always packed. With multiple locations, this restaurant has legs.” – Bobby Chinn

Waku Ghin

“Although there are many great Japanese chefs that specialize in everything from sashimi  to udon, I do not know many that have eclipsed the great Tetsuya. Humble, down to earth, intuitive, and refined in many ways, Tetsuya’s food reflects his personality. This is a high-end haute cuisine establishment. You won’t get off the hook cheaply, […]

Shiraz Clarke Quay

“One of the most underrated cuisines out there must be Persian food. They had a colossal influence on Indian food and introduced finesse to Middle Eastern cuisine, which in turn, influenced Europe.” – Bobby Chinn