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“It’s not the fine wine, nor the menu filled with some of the greatest ingredients, or the dedicated simplicity in its preparation…. Don’s is much more than that. The music, the staff, the setting and of course there is also The Donald!” – Bobby Chinn

Cha Ca Thang Long

“This place made it on the list of one of the hundred things to do before you die. Reason? It’s the longest freestanding restaurant in Hanoi, and just to prove the point, the entire street is named after it. This hole in the wall serves just one dish, Cha Ca, a turmeric marinated fish fried […]

Bun Bo Nam Bo

“This is one of my favorite dishes in Vietnam. It was love at first bite – an explosion of contrasting textures, temperatures, colours and flavours. The fresh herbs, hot beef, room temperature noodles brought together by a haunting sweet and sour beef broth brings this highly complex dish to one of the greatest dishes of […]

Giang Cafe (Egg Coffee)

“They definitely need a better name, but ‘egg coffee’ (a Vietnamese style tiramisu) is the only thing they serve here.  And it’s delicious. Raw egg yolks are whipped up with sugar until thick and then poured in a cup with Vietnamese coffee, creating the perfect dessert. It’s a long walk down its alley way corridor […]