Cha Ca Thang Long

This place made it on the list of one of the hundred things to do before you die. Reason? It’s the longest freestanding restaurant in Hanoi, and just to prove the point, the entire street is named after it. This hole in the wall serves just one dish, Cha Ca, a turmeric marinated fish fried with dill. You’ll either love it or think it’s highly overrated due to the significant amount of other great street foods available at a fraction of the cost. This “one dish wonder” used to be lighter, but today it is unnecessarily heavier than it need be. However, mixed with chilled rice noodles, chopped roasted peanuts and dipping sauce,  it is another great dish that one should try. If you are feeling additionally adventurous, you can ask for Ca Cuon, which is the firm on gland of a beetle. Be warned, it is expensive – it makes white truffle oil look like peanut oil in price and flavor (approximately five dollars for a 1/4 inch dip of a chopstick). Ca Cuon is oil based and should float on the water when whisked into your dipping sauce. It will impart the smell of nail polish remover, but the flavor of pears.” – Bobby Chinn

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8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana

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