Global Eats

8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana

“This is the only three Michelin starred restaurant outside of Italy… one of the best meals I’ve ever had.” – Bobby Chinn Click here for directions

L’Atelier de Joel Robouchon

“Every dish that comes out of this kitchen is served to perfection. Its world class ingredients, refined techniques coupled with finesse makes this one of the great world class kitchens. You would have to search high and low to find any flaws, but you would still come out empty handed. The experience aint cheap but […]

Pub 28


“Traditional Egyptian street food served in a hip setting – locations across Cairo.” – Bobby Chinn Click here for directions

Pier 88 Imperial Boat

“Lively atmosphere for weekend brunch and dinner.” – Bobby Chinn

Kababgy El Azhar Farahat


“From mezza to grilled birds, this place is one of the most consistent restaurants in Egypt, as well as some of the best freshly made bread.” – Bobby Chinn  

Lau Pa Sat

Newton Hawker Centre

Maxwell Road Hawker Centre

Straits Kitchen

Crystal Jade Kitchen


“Very rarely do I ever want to eat in a hotel restaurant – especially when Singapore boasts some of the best restaurants and hawker centres. However, Mezzo 9 is an exception. Although over 15 years old now, it is timeless in attracting tourists and locals alike, thanks in part to it’s edgy design by internationally […]

Soup Restaurant Paragon

Super Loco Robertson Quay

“ If I were to eat Mexican food anywhere in Asia, this is as good as it’s going to get. It’s fun, loud, and always packed. With multiple locations, this restaurant has legs.” – Bobby Chinn

Waku Ghin

“Although there are many great Japanese chefs that specialize in everything from sashimi  to udon, I do not know many that have eclipsed the great Tetsuya. Humble, down to earth, intuitive, and refined in many ways, Tetsuya’s food reflects his personality. This is a high-end haute cuisine establishment. You won’t get off the hook cheaply, […]

Shiraz Clarke Quay

“One of the most underrated cuisines out there must be Persian food. They had a colossal influence on Indian food and introduced finesse to Middle Eastern cuisine, which in turn, influenced Europe.” – Bobby Chinn  

Ben Thanh Market

“Who eats here? Everyone. This market not only sells the raw ingredients, but it feeds many of the people that work under Ho Chi Minh’s most iconic and celebrated market. There is so much to choose from. I have been visiting the market for over 20 years and still discover new vendors. If you are […]

Hoang Yen Vietnamese Cuisine – Ngo Duc Ke

“The original location has become much grander over the years, however this place still turns out some of the tastiest food I have eaten and still remains one of the most consistent restaurants.  It has successfully branded itself and expanded with multiple locations and concepts. From salads, clay pot dishes, wok tossed vegetables, braised meats, […]

Banh Xeo 46A

“The whole street was once littered with this one dish (Banh Xeo) from many different vendors, but the real champion stayed true to its art and craft. Here you sit on kindergarten sized plastic stools out in the open. Far too frequently, this dish is referred to as a crispy crêpe, but it is far […]

Restaurant 13

“This was one of the hottest restaurants in the early 1990s. It continues to attract diners day and night, seven days a week, for really authentic home cooking. One of my favorite dishes here might not be on the menu, but they still whip it up for me – curried eel with cellophane noodles in […]

Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant, Lotte Legend Hotel

“Order all the dim sum classics… in fact, order a whole feast as its unbelievably cheap. If you’re on a budget you really can’t go past this place. When you taste how good the dishes are, and then see your bill, you can’t help but wonder how they remain in business. Located in the Legend […]

Ocean Palace

“When I’m in Ho Chi Minh City, I come here at least once a week. Dim sum galore any time of day. And it appears that half of HCMC comes here too. Try to come off-peak dining hours to catch the place between waves of diners. My favourite dishes are the soft tofu with century […]

Maison Marou

“I am proud to be Marou’s first ever paying customer for their chocolate, but now with their cafe, it’s a wonder why no one else ever imagined something like this. The pleasant aromas of the freshly made artisan chocolate are other worldly. Words do not do this place justice, you just have to see and […]


“It’s not the fine wine, nor the menu filled with some of the greatest ingredients, or the dedicated simplicity in its preparation…. Don’s is much more than that. The music, the staff, the setting and of course there is also The Donald!” – Bobby Chinn

Cha Ca Thang Long

“This place made it on the list of one of the hundred things to do before you die. Reason? It’s the longest freestanding restaurant in Hanoi, and just to prove the point, the entire street is named after it. This hole in the wall serves just one dish, Cha Ca, a turmeric marinated fish fried […]

Bun Bo Nam Bo

“This is one of my favorite dishes in Vietnam. It was love at first bite – an explosion of contrasting textures, temperatures, colours and flavours. The fresh herbs, hot beef, room temperature noodles brought together by a haunting sweet and sour beef broth brings this highly complex dish to one of the greatest dishes of […]

Giang Cafe (Egg Coffee)

“They definitely need a better name, but ‘egg coffee’ (a Vietnamese style tiramisu) is the only thing they serve here.  And it’s delicious. Raw egg yolks are whipped up with sugar until thick and then poured in a cup with Vietnamese coffee, creating the perfect dessert. It’s a long walk down its alley way corridor […]

Borough Market

Broadway Market