Banh Xeo 46A

The whole street was once littered with this one dish (Banh Xeo) from many different vendors, but the real champion stayed true to its art and craft. Here you sit on kindergarten sized plastic stools out in the open. Far too frequently, this dish is referred to as a crispy crêpe, but it is far from it. The turmeric laced coconut batter is more like a cross between the Indian papadum and the French crêpe, but even better. The interior is sprinkled with mung beans, slices of pork belly, and prawns (shell and all), then folded into a semi moon.  Laced in oil, they fry this until crispy and golden, where it’s both crispy and gooey. Paired with mustard greens, fresh herbs, and the iconic nuoc cham dipping sauce, this light meal can get heavy. Tear pieces of the crepe into the mustard leaves and roll with your favorite herbs then dip. You won’t regret the experience. Don’t peel the shells off of the prawns, it’s roughage and rich in calcium and chitosan. Don’t believe me, look it up.” – Bobby Chinn

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8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana

Pub 28