Netil Market

Maltby Street Market


“From mezze to shawarma, this place has been one of my all time favourites for over three decades, so you know it’s gotta be good and consistent. It also operates like a fine Swiss watch, where every night past 2 am you get one of the greatest people watching scenes for a couple of hours, […]

St John Bread & Wine

“A champion of British produce, known for its “nose to tail” cooking… the entire animal is fair game!” – Bobby Chinn  

Pearl Liang

“Hidden in an outdoor food court below Paddington’s office blocks is this Chinese gem with superb dim sum… possibly the best in London.” – Bobby Chinn

A Wong

“Inventive modern Chinese with beautiful presentation. Peking duck must be ordered two days in advance.” – Bobby Chinn


“This charming family run Greek tavern hidden in Bayswater is a jewel in the rough. The seafood is fresh and sourced directly from fisherman across the UK: lobster from Scotland, John Dory, Sea bass… whatever is the freshest. The food is rustic in its preparation, and the ingredients do a lot of the work. When […]


“If anyone is opposed to eating Indian food, this is the restaurant  that will convert them. First thing that you might notice is that it doesn’t smell like Indian food the second you walk in, as they have a luxury show kitchen with all the bells and whistles of a European Michelin Starred restaurant. Reservations […]


Yuet Lee

“This greasy spoon Chinese joint is the place to go for no fuss, late night eats. The city closes early, so if you’re hankering for some late night eats (and who doesn’t want chow mein and Chinese food) after a boozy night out, this is where you head. Remember, you’re here for the food and […]


“Some of the best Mexican food in the country. A lot of the staff are ex felons so this is not the place to get snooty :)” – Bobby Chinn

The Trident

Zuni Café

Greens Restaurant


Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant


Sam’s Grill

R&G Lounge

“I’ve been coming here for nearly 30 years for one dish – the wonderful salt and pepper ctab. It’s not cheap, but well worth it. This place attracts Chinese, locals, and people in the know. Book ahead. You really don’t want to miss out on this crab experience.” Bobby Chinn

Yank Sing

Gaggan Bangkok

“This showcases the mind of one of the most talented chefs I know. Gaggan’s cuisine goes beyond the category of ‘modern Indian’. His inspiration and creativity are infinite and culinary boundaries are destroyed.” Bobby Chinn

Mugendai Penthouse

“On the top of whirl walkway on the 8th floor the Em Quartier, not many people have a chance to experience this elegance Japanese restaurant. The food is great as well as the panorama view of high rise around Sukhumvit area.” – Chul S from Trip advisor

Blue Elephant