“If anyone is opposed to eating Indian food, this is the restaurant  that will convert them. First thing that you might notice is that it doesn’t smell like Indian food the second you walk in, as they have a luxury show kitchen with all the bells and whistles of a European Michelin Starred restaurant. Reservations can be tricky, but a large community table is probably the easiest way to get in. The menu is light, clean, and heavy when need be. Expect heirloom vegetables, artisan and boutique ingredients. Time consuming dishes like biryani that are made to order in the traditional way are well worth the wait, but make sure you request that it arrives with the curry. Go for grilled – tandoor (cooked in a hot clay oven), sigri (over a coal flame) and tawa (searing and griddling on a very hot plate).” – Bobby Chinn

 Amaya taken from official website

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8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana

Pub 28