Born to Egyptian and Chinese parents in New Zealand and raised across continents, Bobby cemented his future as a global citizen at an early age.

Bobby’s culinary story began at the age of 10, as he began to explore Asian and North African recipes in his grandmothers’ kitchens. After years of traveling around the world, a career in finance on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and a stint as a stand-up comedian, Bobby returned to his love of cooking, opening his first restaurant in Vietnam.  “I accidentally became a chef,” he says. “But I was born as a traveler.”

In seeking to discover authentic flavors across the world, Bobby is now a renowned master of modern, global cuisine. This, combined with his multicultural upbringing, influenced Bobby’s own culinary style of bridging east and west.

As Bobby journeys through back alleys and five-star restaurants absorbing stories and culinary secrets, the culture and history of a region is unlocked and comes vividly alive through cooking. This journey is a lifetime education that will never stop.